Management Company

The management company handles the physical, administrative, and financial affairs of the community. Any questions regarding violations, dues, change of address, record keeping, accounting, or the physical appearance of the neighborhood should be directed to them.

Sentry Management

1601 East Oak Street Suite C, Kissimmee, Florida 34744
Office: 407-846-6323
Fax: 407-846-4301

Property Manager:
Julie Antonides
Phone: 407-846-6323 ext 55009



Homeowners Account Portal
Access your account conveniently online to make a payment, view your account history, and access community documents. If you have not used the portal before, you will need to know your Sentry account number to register. You can find this number on letters or notices mailed to you from Sentry. If you still don't know yours, call Sentry during business hours to retrieve it, 407-846-6323.