Easy Ways to Get Involved!
Resident involvement is the key to a safe and friendly neighborhood.
Even the slightest contribution of your time will make a difference. Here are just a few ways that you can get more involved in the progress of Heritage Place II...

Attend the Board of Directors meetings.
You'd be amazed how much you can learn about what's happening in our community just by attending a one hour meeting. The meeting schedule is posted on the Bulletin Board near the mailbox, or can be found here.

Participate on Heritage Place II's private online message boards at Nextdoor.com
Join in on the conversations your neighbors are having on this unique social network. Recommend local businesses, quickly alert others to security issues, report a lost/found pet, discuss repair problems, gardening tips, etc. Nextdoor.com is a free service open to verified residents of our community.

Join a committee.
"It takes a village"... and this village's committees are always in need of volunteers. Greater participation is essential to creating a more vibrant and engaged community. Visit the Committees section for more information. Or, if you have an idea for a new committee and are willing to help organize it, let us know!

Join the Board of Directors.
Every year at least one Board position is up for election at the Annual Meeting in November. Board members serve a three year term and descriptions of their responsibilities can be found here. This is one of the best ways to get actively involved in the community and make a difference.

Contribute to the newsletters.
Share your knowledge with the community! Our newsletter is published every other month and we always need more articles. Articles can be emailed to admin@heritageplace2.com.

Pick up litter in the common areas.
Take pride in the appearance of your community. If you see trash along the sidewalks, curbs, near the mailboxes or in our park - clean it up. You may not the one who left it there, but aren't we equally as guilty if we allow it to remain there? If someone dropped a piece of mail that doesn't look like trash, bring it to their house or give it to the postman to make sure it gets back in their box.

Get to know your neighbors.
Its amazing what a smile and wave can do. If it looks like your neighbor could use some assistance, offer to help. Little gestures of kindness can break down akward barriers and maybe even lead to rewarding friendships. Not to mention that a close neighborhood is infinitely safer than one where neighbors have no interaction or communication.
Heritage Place II has it's own site on Nextdoor.com, a unique resource that puts community social interaction at your fingertips. It's free to join and can only be used by verified residents. Stop by and see what your neighbors are talking about!

Go for walks with your family.
Besides reaping the benefits of exercise, you'll gain an awareness of what is going on around the community. An active and visible community deters mischief and criminal activity.

Be watchful and share information.
If you see something out of the ordinary or suspicious, contact the authorities before someone gets hurt. Don't assume that someone else will call, you may be the only one aware of a situation and when you call you can ask to remain anonymous. The Sheriff's Office Non-Emergency number is 407-836-HELP, or 9-1-1 for an emergency. After you've notified the authorities, if you think the situation is something the rest of the community needs to be aware of, contact us (admin@heritageplace2.com) or share it on Nextdoor.com .

Attend the Annual Homeowner Meeting.
If you can do nothing else, at least do this. Your presence at this meeting really does make a difference. If you cannot attend please complete and return the proxy form sent by the management company in the weeks prior to the meeting. Without the minimum number of homeowners represented in person or by proxy, there can be no actions at the meeting.

Amazing things can be accomplished when residents take an active role in their community.