Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Required by our covenants (article V), any change or modification to the exterior of the home or lot must first be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. At its sole discretion, the ARC is responsible for the review, approval or denial of applications, and ensuring modifications are consistent with the original design of the community in accordance with the bylaws. The Board of Directors may appoint members to the ARC. The ARC meets to review applications and responds to requests within 30 days.

ARC Application - Complete and submit this form, and await approval before making any changes.
For use by residents of Phase II only (Winfield Scott Blvd, Chattanooga Ln, McAllister Way, Chickamauga Creek Ct, Potomac Creek Ct).
To avoid delays in the application process, review the covenants/bylaws (Article VI, General Restrictions), Color Book, and Guidelines prior to submitting your application. Complete and provide all the information requested on the application, and attach material/color samples (if applicable). Mail your application to the address given at the top of the application. Questions? Call the management company at 407-846-6323.

ARC Committee Members:
Khrysti Hunsworth, Noel Griffiths, Ligyane Barreto

ARC meetings are held after the monthly Board of Directors meeting (3rd Wednesday of every month, 5:30 pm at the park Gazebo).
Repainting? The Color Book of approved Exterior Paint Colors can be viewed here. Exterior paint schemes must be natural earth tones. No primary or pastel colors. For an application to be considered, the paint scheme must include three complementary colors 1) base/body, 2) trim, 3) front door.
Newsletter Committee

The newsletter is the collective voice of Phase II residents. If you have information that you feel could benefit your neighbors, please email it to us for consideration in the next issue. Or, perhaps you have an area of expertise that you would like to devote a recurring column to? If so, please come forward!
Our newsletter prints every other month and articles can be approximately 1-2 paragraphs in length.

Committee Members:
Contributors needed!

Editor: Wendy Vespucci
Email to pitch in!
Compliance Review Committee (CRC)

Article XV of the bylaws defines the fining policy and calls for a committee (comprised of three Association members) to be appointed by the Board in the event a hearing is requested. This committee is responsible for voting on proposed fines/suspensions and communicating their decision to the Board.

Article XV, Fines

Fining Policy

Committee Members:
Noel Griffiths, Terri Pope-Hellmund, volunteer needed